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    A partnership that closes the secure mobile communication and eDiscovery gap, with a SMS and Voice archiving solutionLearn moreRead the Press Release

  • "My business needs an SMS archiving solution that supports a variety of mobile strategies and platforms."

    CellTrust’s offers a SMS archiving feature for both Android and iOS devices and for BYOD, CL and COPE mobile strategies. Learn more

  • Transmit and store sensitive mobile data with confidence.

    CellTrust COMMAND provides government and law enforcement with a high level of security, redundancy and traceability for mission critical mobile communication Learn more

  • “Tracing and tracking external mobile communication is a necessity for my organization.”

    CellTrust’s Mobile Business Number has its own SMS and voice communication, logs, records and audit trails; completely separate from those of the phone’s actual number. Learn more


CellTrust SecureLine Mobile Collaboration Suite

Enterprise can now meet compliance obligations while communicating seamlessly over the mobile channel with customers and stakeholders around the world. The CellTrust SecureLine™ Mobile Collaboration Suite was developed with highly customized options to give CIO’s and IT departments with BYOD, Corporate Liable or mixed strategies the ability to customize the app based on their industry’s needs and demands.

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Together we are making mobile collaboration and compliance easier within highly regulated industries
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Compliant Mobile Communication for the Financial Services Industry

CellTrust TRACK™, engineered to support financial service organizations meet regulatory compliance standards, provides a secure, redundant, auditable and traceable solution for electronic record-keeping, supervision and data protection of mobile communication. Without requiring an App on the clients’ mobile devices, all mobile messaging and voice communication is recorded and archived. Each Broker is provided with a unique secure business number which enables the financial institution to redirect mobile communication workflows when employees come and go.

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Clinical Response Innovation

Samsung has partnered with CellTrust® to offer PULSE™, a robust mobile communication solution that includes secure messaging and smart pager technology.

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Secure Mobile Communication for Government

CellTrust COMMAND™ is the only secure mobile communication technology providing a dedicated SMS gateway capable of dual-channel (Data/Wi-Fi and a unique patent-pending failover) communication, protected through military grade 256 bit AES encryption. COMMAND provides redundancy of delivery channels, and acknowledgements, to ensure that mission critical communication is verifiably delivered. Each agent/officer/user is provided with a unique secure business number to ensure identity protection.

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Managed Mobile Communication for Enterprise

CellTrust VENTURE™ provides enterprise with a secure mobile communication solution featuring secure SMS, secure voice and secure messaging through email. A secure unified mobile communication solution that facilitates integration with existing systems lends itself to increased productivity, as well as ensuring the integrity and privacy of proprietary, or sensitive communication.

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SMS Gateway and Aggregation
Solutions to expand your Mobile Marketing reach

CellTrust's Multi-Channel 2-Way SMS Gateway processes over a quarter billion messages annually and hosts some of the most prestigious and high profile SMS Campaigns. As an application provider, CellTrust offers a vast range of products and services including our Short Code Concierge and customizable Marketing Portal, which have helped our valued customers, distinguish themselves in the market and gain industry recognition.

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