CellTrust® VENTURE for Enterprise

Collaborate seamlessly over the mobile channel with stakeholders

CellTrust VENTURE solution helps enterprise meet traceability and other compliance obligations, yet communicate seamlessly over the mobile channel with their customers and other stakeholders anywhere in the world.

CellTrust VENTURE features the CellTrust SecureLine™ Mobile Collaboration Suite and includes access to the CellTrust Standard SMS Gateway, for affordable client account alerts and notifications.

The CellTrust VENTURE solution also features Critical Messaging, SMS Archiving, Voice Archiving, Secure Messaging, Secure Voice and a Mobile Business Number which creates an automatic dual persona to keep personal and professional communication separate. The Mobile Business Number helps protect employee identities and allows organizations to track and trace all employee SMS and voice communication outside of the organization. The Mobile Business Number can also be redirected as employees leave.

Data at rest, on the device, on the server, or in-transit are fully encrypted with unique dynamic keys, providing the highest level of security to prevent mission critical communication from getting into the wrong hands when both sender and receiver use the CellTrust SecureLine app.

Time-sensitive communication is securely delivered over the Data/Wi-Fi channel in less than 10 seconds. For areas where the signal is weak, CellTrust uses a unique secondary control channel for redundancy and failover with 256 bit AES encryption.

Solution Benefits

  • Access to CellTrust’s own SMS Gateway which provides an affordable way to send alerts and notifications to clients
  • Archiving for both SMS and voice
  • Secure SMS/messaging and voice
  • Redundant failover channel for critical communication
  • Mobile Business Number